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Unleashing Tomorrow, Today

At Parkian Company, we accelerate your journey into the deep tech frontier, powering your software engineering initiatives with unrivalled expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

William Hart | Deep Valley in Mountainous Landscape
"Parkian assisted with our initial rollout into our own proprietary infrastructure and public release. Parkian helped us get to the finish line successfully and on time in a novel software industry."

— Seed Startup


Advances in artificial intelligence engineering is accelertating humanity's approach to the horizon of science fiction. We are here to help you get there.

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We leverage the best of software engineering practices and the emiprical cycle to bring our deep tech projects to fruition.

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We build software that is used by millions(working on billions) of people every day. Our consultancy has focused on applying software engineering practices far into emerging technology and deep tech.

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Core Principles


Tough engineering problems require creative solutions. We are not afraid.


Deep tech projects are often in uncharted territory. We are comfortable where others are not.


We seek to build software that is modular and reusable. We create robust experiences from start to finish.

Rockwell Kent | Deep Water